Disasters are difficult, managing a disaster recovery company doesn’t have to be.


We have a track record of success of being able to bring in outside eyes, help design a successful and customizable plan with the assets you have, and maybe some we need to assemble. Don’t continue to struggle another quarter simply from not knowing. There is NO SHAME in needing a coach. Professionals all use advisers and coaches to achieve their dreams !

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About Us

Our firm was solely and uniquely created to serve what we witnessed as an unattended segment of the Disaster Restoration Industry.

A humble and simple resolution to the age old “You don’t know what you don’t know”. That is both a true and a frustrating statement. Because you never know when these unknown things will harm you. The answer is anytime. So you need a good defense for that.

Restoration Adviser act as an extension of your staff, without much of the corporate burden of hiring a COO. We help with goal setting, advising on difficult situations or help with outside perspective to refocus the leadership.

Contact us today. You just may be surprised on how affordable and simple hiring a coach really is.

Areas of Specialties

Efficient & Profitable Operational Coaching

Our workload and projects come in fast and are almost always an emergency to someone. But these disasters do not need to become our own disasters.

Having a strong yet flexible operational foundation will not only yield profits, but deliver a consistent and measurable exceptional service. These are the fundamental pillars of an exceptional brand that can be grown.

Profit & Loss Understanding, Margin Optimization

While you aren’t required to have an MBA in finance to own and properly manage a growing restoration disaster company, it is IMPERATIVE to learn some strong skills in effectively predicting and managing your companies financial core.

Allow us to arm you with the tools and habits to better manage and monitor your financial stability to increase growth potential.

Systems Implementations

As a company grows and as the industry evolves, it is important to keep your systems and operations in the lane of the most useful and efficient offerings.

We strive ourselves on attending events and learning of these at all times. This allows us to make suggestions when deficiencies are identified. Have confidence that we will make sure the right system that fits with your team will be applied.

Large and Complex Loss Development and Coordination

This is an area of strength and high level experience for Restoration Advisers. From helping to develop a sales/ business development platform, performing and delivering ERP’s, project management training, safety, billing with Time and Materials to actual on-site consulting.

Become a true contender in your market or region to pursue and execute larger commercial projects and build fruitful relationships.

Employee Training Coaching (Technical and Admin)

Nothing we do as a service based company matters if we do not have the absolute best team to perform those services. There are an endless number of soft and hard skills that are required in this wildly versatile industry. Our challenges to find great staff with good work ethic is matched by our inability to properly train due to the emergency nature of our company. This does not have to be such a burden.

Assistance In SOP Creation

While creating SOP’s seems like it would be an ordinary and simple task, it can create incredible roadblocks. All the information is in your head, but how do we download that into repeatable and trainable modules for endless occasions moving forward.

Additionally, we have what seems like an endless amount of exceptions and unknowns. This starts with the first one and not stopping until you have them all.

Safety Culture Development

It is almost the most important but overlooked aspect of your company. Safety should be at the center of your core. This not only protects your staff, your customers and the general public, but it creates a marketable value over others in your market. We can help set up the basic outline of a scalable program.


One of the most important items on the leaders windshield should be the brand. From the creation of to the expansion of. We can do some of this in house and supplement with our partnerships with professionals and their proven success.

Large Loss Coaching

If expanding into Large Loss you are going to need an experienced and savvy adviser and coach with experience, industry resources and the long list of things to DO and more importantly what NOT to do. Disaster Companies use consultants (billable to the project) all the time.

Get started on the right foot.

Additional Services

  • Claim/ File review
  • Dispute Assessment
  • Expert Witness
  • Estimating workshop
  • Client on-boarding
  • Production workflow organization
  • Supply chain efficiency creation
  • And much more!

  • Testimonials

    Klark is a true professional. I have had the opportunity to enjoy industry events, conference calls, and send our team to his class. He’s on top of current trends which focus on driving models of success!

    Danny Strong


    You can truly see the passion he has for the industry. I have had the pleasure to sit through a couple of his training’s. I have taken away many things that have benefited our company.

    Cooper Peterson


    Klark has a lot of knowledge in the industry and brings an open mind to your business. His passion for the industry is strong along with his desire to see people and companies succeed.

    Johnathan May


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