More Incredible Training Classes planned for 2020

Finishing up our Estimating and Scoping Series of classes as part of the Restoration 2.0 Series was a HUGE hit. 

  • 15 cities
  • 410 Attendees
  • $20,000+  saved by dropping Xactimate

We met so many incredible people, visited dozens of unique operations, had incredible local food and made endless memories. 

Be patient while we work on the next few series for 2020.

Some of these, where it is useful and where it makes sense, these could be avbailable online to purchase, consume when you can, without travel and share with your staff.

  • Customer On Boarding
  • Preparing for Commercial Restorations
  • Incredible Technician for 2020
  • Digital Marketing
  • Business Financials and dashboards for Dummies

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