Frequently Asked Questions

When is a great time to hire an adviser or coach in my business?

That could likely be across many different times in your growth. All phases of your business contain areas that you may not be accustomed to and could encounter expensive and timely challenges. The time to at least discuss the need with an adviser is immediately, even if its for a future date.

How does the pricing structure work?

We have multiples ways of customizing a rate that makes sense for all parties. There are monthly retainer platforms and then there are rates to visit onsite with you and your team.

What are the contract terms?

We do not currently require a contract. A simple month to month agreement will suit most all situations. This all begins with a clear and transperant identification of the needs and a general overview of a plan. Setting Expectations is a crucial core value of Restoration Advisers.

Will Restoration Advisers work with my management staff and key employees for leadership development.

Absolutely. We often find in our goal to remove the owner from the burden of the daily business, it is important to create an atmosphere of creativity and independence with oversight and accountability. Some of our most successful endeavors have been building teams.

Can I use Restoration Advisers on an as needed basis while I am in the earliest stages or pre-startup phase?

Yes. We have a call in line to charge by the minute/hour. But I urge we discuss the frequency of this as our monthly retainer rate will often come close to covering the same sessions.

Are Restoration Advisers equipped to advise in all aspects of our business or do they have Industry Partners.

Absolutely. There are areas that have a very specific and rich skill set that would certainly return better results. Our deep relationships with experts of all kinds will easily find the right fit and budget for those needs.

Whats our next step? When can we start?

After our first call, and we decide we are a good fit, we will decide what kind of professional relationship works best, but the answer is ASAP.

Does your firm work with franchises or Independent contractors?

We work with both types of companies, as they honestly share many of the same struggles. We have strong clients in both sectors

Do you work with mitigation only?

Not at all. We work with full service, mitigation only, and some contractors that are in other home service segments.

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