Restoration Documentation Package- Essential (Starter)

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So you have made the jump !

Your dream of owning your own company has come true.

But wait….what are all these things NO ONE EVER TALKS ABOUT?

I need specific documents and contracts? Where do I get those ????

Don’t worry, we have you covered and have done alot of the work for you on selecting the most common and required for a smaller restoration company.

You will be purchasing documents that have been used for years in the actual field (updated regularily), on millions of dollars of contracted work and will make your company seem like the professional firm you are !!

These are editable (word and Excel), and scrubbed of any company names. Just download, place your logo, company name, pertinent info and you are in business TODAY.

Yes, these can be uploaded and used in MANY of the industry software and job management systems.

So purchase today and spend your valuable time creating incredible customers and not worrying if you and your clients are protected !!


Here is a List of the Documents in THIS package !!


Work Authorization-Short Version
Restoration Emergency Contract
Subcontractor Agreement-Mit & Recon
Releases/ Completion

Customer Responsibility Form
Limitations on Standards Compliance-Water Damage- Hold Harmless
Microbial/Fungal Remediation Disclosure
Certificate of Completion/satisfaction
Performance documents/ Monitoring

Moisture Log-Standard
Human Resources

Disciplinary Action Form with Training Guide
Employment Agreement- General

Restoration Sign-Water Damage
Pricing/ scope Letter

Price Sheet Blank-Sample

Responding to Building Water Damage-PDF


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