Restoration Documentation Package- Expansion (Medium-Large)

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You have grown your company beyond the small firm you started as.
Maybe you are jumping into MOLD REMEDIATION or reconstruction on some level.

Here you will find ALL the documents in our wildly common and popular ESSENTIAL package PLUS some added extra’s for more complex situations.

Operate with confidence that you are not contractually or legally exposed (I am NOT an attorney and always recommend you have counsel look over your documents for YOUR company setup, YOUR city, YOUR state).
Need additional forms or field proven documents? There is a great chance we have a copy in our files, as these are simply curated as the most commonly used.


Here is a table of contents of the documents you will have instant access to !!


  1. Authorization to Perform Services/ Direction of Pay
  2. Work Authorization-Short Version
  3. Restoration Emergency Contract
  4. Contractor/Customer Acknowledgement of Payment- Mortgage

04a. Subcontractor Agreement-Mit & Recon
Releases/ Completion 

  1. Customer Responsibility Form
  2. Limitations on Standards Compliance-Water Damage- Hold Harmless

06a. Limitations of Standards- Microbial- Simple 

  1. Microbial/Fungal Remediation Disclosure
  2. Certificate of Completion/satisfaction

Performance Rocuments/ Monitoring 

  1. Moisture Log-Standard

Human Resources

  1. Disciplinary Action Form with Training Guide
  2. Employment Agreement- General
  3. Employment Agreement- Sales


  1. PPE Agreement
  2. Restoration Sign-Water Damage
  3. Restoration Sign- Microbial

Pricing/ scope Letter 

  1. Price Sheet Blank-Sample
  2. Scope Letter Template-T&M Style


  1. Responding to Building Water Damage


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