Restoration Documents

The first thing you can do for your disaster restoration company is have a solid contractual and documentation standpoint.

Don’t risk unneeded exposure and liability with an assortment of un-related and free download versions.

Important components are the ones that will cause you issues, but you will not know until it is too late.

We have packages for all size companies. These forms include:

– Contracts (short and long form)
– Hold Harmless
– Disposal of contents of others
– Scope Sheets
– Estimating templates
– Microbial Signage
– HR forms
– Employee Agreements
– Sub-Contractor Agreements
– Much More


Your contracts do not have be long and scary, but they do need to cover your assets and be transparent to the client. Proper yet simple contracts build TRUST.



All your downloaded content will be in an editable format for you to customize, add logo’s and accurate addresses



With just the right level of white label to fit in many types of company sizes and of company types. Again, these don’t need to be difficult, but they need to be solid.

Essential Starter Package

  • Specific documents for your new company
  • Regularly updated documents
  • Editable documents for Word and Excel
  • Bonus PDF

Medium-Large Expansion Package

  • Extra documents for complex situations
  • Pricing and Scope Letter
  • Safety documents
  • PDF document responding to building damage

Complete Professional Safety Manual (Editable)

  • Personalize with your logo and corporate info
  • Add or subtract services you do or do not need
  • Start training from the beginning.


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